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An Alarm Clock

Could you ever imagine an alarm clock saying something like this when you wake up?
"Ahem, good morning madam. I’m sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the earth to blame".  Clock

Well they actually make them! Haha!:-P

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Bag-O-Fortune Cookies!

 Fortune cookie

Day 1: "You will be fortunate in the oppertunities presented to you".
(I like the sound of that!) Open-mouthed
Day 2: "Many possibilities are open to you. Take advantage of them".
(OK!!) Wink
Day 3: "You will help somebody in a difficult situation".
(Hummm…I wonder who…)Thinking
Day 4: "Money comes your way- a pleasant surprise". <- Came in the form of Costco Rebate Check last night! Yeah Food!
(I could always use free money!)Gift with a bow
Day 5: "You will be rewarded for your creativity".Nerd
Day 6: "You will be happy socially and in your work".
(Maybe socially, but I dunno know about work). Smile
Day 7: "All decisions you make today will be most fortunate".
(sounds like it came from a fortune cookie!)Tongue out
Day 7 1/2: "You will have a sense of bliss by others thoughtfulness".
(I should become a cookie writer…)Light bulb
Day 8: "You need not worry about the future".
(That’s good, I think I worry too much…)Hot
Day 9: "—". (Ask me in a year what it says). Wink
Day 10: "You are faithful in the execution of any public trust".
Day 10 1/2: "You will be very fortunate in 7 days". WinkOpen-mouthed
Day 11: "You will reach a goal for which you have been striving".
(I sure hope so!)
Day 12: "The future will bring romance".
(I did NOT make that one up!!)Red rose
Day 13: "Accept the next proposition you hear".
(I propose that all next week is a paid holiday!)Open-mouthed
Day 14: "A Happy Event Awaits you!".
(And I’m sooo looking forward to it too!) Wink

Day 15: "You could be invited to travel to a foreign land".
(Anything outside of Alaska is a foreign land…)
Day 16: "You will be made stronger by adversity".
(Heb 5:8)

So I have a Question, "If you eat the cookie, does it still come true"? Surprised

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