Bag-O-Fortune Cookies!

21 Nov
 Fortune cookie

Day 1: "You will be fortunate in the oppertunities presented to you".
(I like the sound of that!) Open-mouthed
Day 2: "Many possibilities are open to you. Take advantage of them".
(OK!!) Wink
Day 3: "You will help somebody in a difficult situation".
(Hummm…I wonder who…)Thinking
Day 4: "Money comes your way- a pleasant surprise". <- Came in the form of Costco Rebate Check last night! Yeah Food!
(I could always use free money!)Gift with a bow
Day 5: "You will be rewarded for your creativity".Nerd
Day 6: "You will be happy socially and in your work".
(Maybe socially, but I dunno know about work). Smile
Day 7: "All decisions you make today will be most fortunate".
(sounds like it came from a fortune cookie!)Tongue out
Day 7 1/2: "You will have a sense of bliss by others thoughtfulness".
(I should become a cookie writer…)Light bulb
Day 8: "You need not worry about the future".
(That’s good, I think I worry too much…)Hot
Day 9: "—". (Ask me in a year what it says). Wink
Day 10: "You are faithful in the execution of any public trust".
Day 10 1/2: "You will be very fortunate in 7 days". WinkOpen-mouthed
Day 11: "You will reach a goal for which you have been striving".
(I sure hope so!)
Day 12: "The future will bring romance".
(I did NOT make that one up!!)Red rose
Day 13: "Accept the next proposition you hear".
(I propose that all next week is a paid holiday!)Open-mouthed
Day 14: "A Happy Event Awaits you!".
(And I’m sooo looking forward to it too!) Wink

Day 15: "You could be invited to travel to a foreign land".
(Anything outside of Alaska is a foreign land…)
Day 16: "You will be made stronger by adversity".
(Heb 5:8)

So I have a Question, "If you eat the cookie, does it still come true"? Surprised

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