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Instant Messaging

 Coffee cup
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Coffee is a GOOD thing! :)

Indulge Your Coffee Cravings.
If you’re a coffee fan, keep on sipping.
The beverage may keep diabetes at bay.

After they studied 126,210 women and men, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that big-time coffee drinkers—those who downed more than 6 daily cups—had a 29 to 54% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes during the 18-year study. Sipping 4 to 5 cups cut risk about 29%; 1 to 3 cups per day had little effect.

Decaf coffee offered no protection. Caffeine in other forms—tea, soda, chocolate—did. Researchers suspect that caffeine may help by boosting metabolism. And coffee, the major caffeine source in the study, also contains potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants that help cells absorb sugar. 


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The Northern Lights over Norway…

Photos courtsey of
The reds and blues are really rare! The varieties of gases in the atmosphere are what cause the varied colors in the northern lights.
Hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and oxygen collide with the solar charged particles and result in the yellow, blue, purple, red, and green colors emitted by the lights.
(Green is oxygen, red hydrogen, and blue nitrogen).
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Talking GPS? 😛

Our birdies haven’t flown south yet! They are stocking up for the flight though…can we say Butterball?!?

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Form follows Function

Frank Lloyd Wrights’ Fallingwater House.
It’s original design was perfect…although the builders didn’t believe him and they built the deck their way…
The deck ened up sagging because they didn’t listen.
This is my favorite Architect! He seemed a bit of a perfectionest like I am…
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