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iPhone Photo filters

  • Sticks to camera phone with a gummy ring
  • Work with all standard size camera phone lenses (1/2" or less)
  • Come with handy keychain loops
  • Endlessly reusable

Some argue that the best camera is the one you’ve got with you — right now.

For most of us that means our cell phones, which we use to photograph just about everything. And by everything we mean ehhv-ree-thang. From your late night donut to the guy on the bus wearing a Darth Vader mask and eating ice cream. (If you live in San Francisco like we do, this is a photo-worthy yet not uncommon occurrence).

So if your phone is always there to capture life’s most precious kodak moments — why not give it the same awesome accessories as your other cams?

Jelly Phone Filters are keychain sized adapters for your camera phone’s itty bitty lens.

Morph your otherwise low-res snapshots into something of a spectacle with kaleidoscopes, wide angles, and starbursts. Each filter is outfitted with a re-usable gummy ring so you can use it over and over again.

With them, what was once a ho-hum picture of a stranger’s "LOL FAIL" vanity plate is now a kaleidoscopal masterpiece. And that everyday croissant? Add a wide angle and it’s now a gargantuan pastry from space. Then, throw in a little starburst lens and your otherwise ordinary best friend is now hurtling into the future at the speed of light.

Keep it up, and with these lenses you’ll soon be known as iArbus.

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Photoframe Piggy Bank

I thought this was a funny picture…
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The Birds…

Ravens form a wake-like gathering after 2 electrocuted

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via The Associated Press 

Published: November 22nd, 2009 10:25 PM
Last Modified: November 23rd, 2009 12:55 PM

FAIRBANKS — Ravens have feelings, too, at least judging from an eerie scene Tuesday morning on Minnie Street in east Fairbanks.

After two ravens roosting on top of a power transformer were electrocuted, hundreds of ravens showed up within a minute or two and started silently circling overhead and perching in nearby trees.

Rod Stephens, owner of Rod’s Saw Shop across the street, saw the scene play out before his eyes after a man pulled into the shop and reported seeing sparks flying on top of the transformer.

"I walked out there and there were all these birds just circling. There were ravens in all the trees," he said. "It was weird."

Stephens estimated the number of ravens at "a couple hundred."

"It was like that movie, ‘The Birds,’ " he said. "I walked out and wasn’t sure if they were going to start dive-bombing me."

One of the electrocuted ravens had fallen to the ground and the other was still caught in the wires and transformer, Stephens said.

Ben Brees, a computer technician at Geek City across the street from Stephens’ shop, was driving to work when he saw what he described as "a vortex of ravens circling" next to the computer store.

"I could see them a half-mile away," Brees said. "It was a funnel of black birds. I pulled up to the building right as they were circling."

The birds only hung around for a few minutes before flying off, Stephens said.

"They said their respects and moved on," he said.


Strange! Sarcastic

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I am kitty, hear me roar…meow!

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He was eating breakfast by the front entrance at work… :-\
I ended up reparking by the side entrance.

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Anne Geddes Butterfly

So Cute! Red heart

I have the 6 Butterflies hanging in my room….Smile

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Ice Cube

This brings a whole new meaning to the word Ice Cube…

It was 50* in my cube when I came in, I’m glad I have a heater! (And a coffee cup warmer) Coffee cup Open-mouthed


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