Tropical Fruit Smoothie

28 Mar

After wanting to drink coffee in the mornings so bad, (insomniac here), I got out of the habit of making my (very good for you) smoothies. :-/
So today I had to pull away from the coffee pot (well electric water boiler…I don’t use a coffee pot for just me). And decided to use the fruit that is over ripening in my fridge… Let’s hope it turns out good!!


So here’s what’s inside:
•1/2 of small cantaloupe cut up
•1 small ripe pear (adds sweetness)
•1/2 lemon (juiced, so it blends smooth)
•1 tsp of raw honey (surprising hard to find in Oregon!?!)
•1 hand size papaya (mine I found out was not as ripe as I thought, this was a new fruit for me to try)
•6 ice cubes (or half a tray)

Then blend on lowest speed working up to high, being sure to push down ice cubes while blending. (disclaimer: NOT with your hands! Use designated tamper tool).
Makes 2 glasses or one “supersized” glass.


I was surprised actually tasted as good as it did! The pear really added a nice touch and it’s not too tart from lemon.
The combo of lemon and raw honey is good for cold season too! Lots of Vit C and natural antibiotics going on in here!
Drink sloooowly…or you’ll get a brain freeze like me >< Ooooooo!
And be sure to put the sweetness craving birdie back in the cage or you're gonna have a battle on your hands! 😛

healthy quote from:

"Orange vegetables contain beta-carotene, a form of Vitamin A, which is great for eyesight and eliminating free radicals. The beta-carotene gives the vegetable its orange color.

Papaya contains digestive enzymes, which help break down some of the more difficult foods in our stomach, such as beans, dairy, and even meat. Due to the high fiber content, papaya also helps with constipation and even upset stomach.
• The one thing papaya has been known for around the world is its ability to prevent nausea, including morning and motion sickness if taken in the juice form.
Orange fruits and vegetables are a great way to battle off illness and disease. Combine them with a few servings of dark green vegetables and you have yourself a winning combination."

So I'm not a total meanie…I do let my birdie have the leftovers after I'm done. 🙂


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