Did I ever mention I LOVE PDX?!?

07 Apr

This just in…Anchorage has hit record snowfall as of today of 134.5″!!!
I’m sooooo glad I moved to Portland.
I’ll take allergies over a snow shovel ANY DAY! šŸ˜›
Here’s the article:

Record-breaking Snowfall in Anchorage By Mitch Sego 04/07/2012 8:31 PM

Anchorage has surpassed a 57 year old record for snowfall in one season. The old record of 132.6 inches occured in 1954-1955. But with a total of 134.5 inches as of 4 p.m, Saturday, the winter of 2011-2012 is now the snowiest winter on record in Anchorage.

The city lacked 2.5″ going into Easter weekend. Snow began falling Friday morning with 0.8″ accumulating. A couple additional inches fell overnight Friday and throughout the day Saturday.

The season got off to a slow start. The first snow didn’t arrive until the 30th of October. But each month from November to February experienced above-normal snowfall. November saw the greatest snowfall with 32.4″, close to three-times the average for the month.

By March, Anchorge was on pace to shatter the record, but a slightly below normal month somewhat dimmed the chances of breaking the 1954-55 record. Going into April, 3.3″ were still needed to become the snowiest year ever recorded.

Records have been kept at or very near the current location near the Ted Stevens International Airport since 1953.

article source click here


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