19 Jun

Do you remember that Thomas the Train or whatever he was that said “I think I can, I think I can”. Well I think my train ran out of steam. My train says “I wish I could, I wish I could” 😦
I’ve been pretty stressed about work and traffic and it’s making me more stresses on top of my normal chronic pain. I keep joking that I’m saving for a helicopter to bypass traffic. But…I’ll never be able to repay the loan. So traffic I’ll have to deal with …oh ye my enemy! >:-|
I mean, I LOVE to drive…the open road. Not the clutch pedal for and hour and a half!!! I mean these drivers sprout outta no where like spores! I know it rains a lot here, but really are they growing out of the pollen molecules or something???
Oh wait, my topic was motivation…right. So anyway. I was given unsolicited advice (on a day I was in tremendous pain) “why don’t you just wake up earlier and exercise”. My thought- well…if I got any sleep anyway maybe I would.
I’m burning both ends of the candle at the moment and I think the wick is about up. My next step to being pain free and have more energy is seeing a nutritionist on Friday. I had all the blood work and docs say I’m fit as a fiddle…but I’m not and there’s something WRONG with me! Besides fibromyalgia. I have 0, zilch, nada energy everyday. So I’m hoping food lady will help heal me. Then, I can get more exercise in.
My goal is to make the drive to the Oregon coast. I do realize that the amount of time I sat in traffic (which isn’t really sitting, I just take every back road I can think of while people on the freeway are going 10mph) that I could be at the coast…but for some reason I never get there. The thought of driving to get there stops me though. 😦
So I ran across this video on my massage lady’s site. It puts all my excuses to shame. So watch this video and let me know if it didn’t bring a tear to your eye. Cuz it did me!

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