Clackamas Town Center Shooting

12 Dec



Another day in the life of Jeni that I wish never happened….
So the last five months I’ve been looking for a job. My unemployment runs out Dec 29th. So my last ditch effort for employment was to go to the mall which is near my house. I was going to any store that I could see myself liking to work at. I almost passed up a jewelry store and then went back before I closed my day of getting applications. I walk in asking if they were hiring still for the holidays, they said they wanted to see my resume. I said mine is for drafting and engineering, and that’s when they said they use AutoCAD to design their jewelry. WOW! So I sent in my résumé and called back. At first he said that they won’t have time to train until after the holidays because they are so busy.
Then the next week I get an email asking if I wanted an interview. So I did the interview and a few days later hired! Yea!
My first day was very busy and me just trying to figure out what to do cuz they really didn’t have time to train me. I was excited and was looking forward to my 2nd day…
So my 2nd day I came in early to help open up and it was a little slower day. I went to lunch at noon and then about 3 I was thinking of going across the hall for free Nordstroms coffee. But I didn’t know how to ask, wanted someone to come with me (I’m pretty shy). But I got distracted and forgot the idea of coffee.
Then at 3:20 I heard 2 loud shots, sounded like a sign fell on the tile in the hall and was echoing. I looked out the hall from where I was sitting in the store. I saw a lady with a stroller jump scared, look behind her and then struggle to turn her stroller around to back into the store she was near by, and then 8 more shots were fired! My boss yelled for everyone to duck down and he went to the front to lock the gate and we all ran to the back room to hide behind the vault.
We didn’t know really what was going on, but knew not to leave until its safe. Within minutes there was SWAT team combing the 1.4 million square feet of the 185 stores of the mall to hunt down the gunman.
Cell phones barely worked because about 10,000 people calling 911 or loved ones all at once. All we had was Internet lines and text messaging. We sat in the back for a long time not knowing what was going on. At first we thought the jewelry stores next to Macy’s was getting robbed and here we are in a jewelry store. So we were really scared. About an hour goes by and the SWAT team eventually let people out a little at a time having to raise our hands in plain sight as we walked outside. Thankfully I didn’t see anything or I would of had to stay. I booked it home! Curled up in my electric blanket and listened to the news for more updates.
Thankfully the guy is not on the loose or I would be terrified since he lives not far from me! I feel so bad for those that was injured and those who saw the two people die right in front of them!
I can’t stop thinking about it and have been shaking ever since. One thing I thought of was after the second round of shots were fired and we were running for cover we were all huddled behind the counter and I was praying at that point realizing those were gunshots. And right then the shots stopped! The gun got jammed and he went running downstairs where later he shot himself. :-/
When we were being escorted out by armed guards I wasn’t sure if he was still alive or not and was really scared to come out of the store.
Thankfully my sister-in-law is a crisis counselor and so she called me up to tell me what is normal to expect and how to deal with it. Unfortunately my brother is at sea and the texts I sent to him will be a little delayed and he’s gonna freak! :-/ oops! But I did say I was alive and home!
So here are the pointers she gave to help, if you are ever in a crisis situation I recommend finding someone to talk to and get lots of rest…even though nightmares are expected to follow. 😦
Here’s what she told me:
She was saying that if u are having symptoms like dry mouth, lack of sleep, no appetite and other things where the body shuts down its cuz the stress cortisol is stuck in the body and you have to force it out by electrolytes, lots of water, sleep (if you can’t sleep she said Tylenol PM is good), eating foods that are closest to the earth (fruits, veggies, and grains) cuz your body doesn’t know how to process things right now. And exercise for 30 min a day to force it all out. She said that if people don’t take care of themselves that they literally can get a mental illness…we don’t need anymore of that in this world! And that workmens comp usually takes care of any medical stuff you need emotionally and physically if it happened at your workplace. It doesn’t count against the company.
After the incident took place and I was able to get home I rested for a little bit and then went to my bible class that is normally on that night. When I got there my friends said they could feel my heart pounding still (3 hours after). My head felt like so much blood rushed into it and was gonna pop! Then about midway through class all the adrenaline just dropped me like a rock and I was getting nauseous and almost fell asleep in my chair! I was so stressed!
The mall is closed today and tomorrow so I have time to relax and take it easy. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow to see what’s going on later.
Such a crazy world we live in!! Stay safe everyone!

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