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New Winter Face Routine

I’ve been trying different avenues for a few weeks to beat my winter skin woes. My jojoba oil just doesn’t cut it for winter.
I normally receive Bare Minerals makeup on auto ship and with that comes free samples. 🙂 I tried their Active Cell Renewal Night Treatmemt for two days and my skin felt AMAZING the next morning! So when I went on a mission to grab a bottle, I was presented with the “deal of the day” Renew & Replenish Skincare Collection. Because they are discontinuing this kit and its marked down to $39 as opposed to $60, I thought it worth a try.
It comes with a powder Exfoliant Treatment Cleanser which I already have but gave up on a while back, maybe I’ll try it again. I used Clarisonic Acne Daily Clarifying Cleanser last night for the first time instead.
The kit also came with a Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, which I thought was like one of the sample moisturizers I got with my auto ship that I didn’t like, but this is a different one and works waaaay better for my dry/combo skin! 😀
You cleanse first (obviously), use the Active Cell Renewal Treatment, Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, and then lastly the Pure Transformation Night Treatment, and then whatever fav eye cream and then get some Zzzz’s. Today I woke up with the softest skin that wasn’t a greaseball like my forehead normally gets in the morning. My skin was not too dry either, it was just like skin should be! So I’m sticking with this treatment, at least till its gone and see how it helps my skin.
The pieces individually are not cheap, so I’ll probably pick and choose which is worth it in the end. The kits are made with half size bottles of the original, but if you look at the price of all the original sizes and cut them in half it still is way more than the kit is discounted at. So do something good for your skin and give it a try.
My Bare Minerals go to gal and I are on the same page when it comes to makeup and aging. Yes I know MAC is a very popular brand, but I want to preserve my skin with natural products so I still look amazing at 60 instead of having to get Botox for all the wrinkles and skin damage the popular brands of makeup will cause. I do confess though that the only other brand makeup I use is Clinique Color Surge Quad in Spicy. My FAV when I’m in a hurry cuz it’s so forgiving and flawless. And The Body Shop lip liner in Beech and brow & liner kit in #2. If they discontinued that lip liner then I don’t know what I’d do…probably buy like 10 of them before they are gone! Haha.
So there you have it, a new skin care that is worth a try before the sample sizes are gone. I think the Nordstrom’s Bare Minerals have pulled them all from the shelf as of last night. But the boutiques may still have it along with online. Try it for yourself and see if it helps any winter skin woes for you.

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Detox Green Smoothie!


Here’s what I drank today: throw in VitaMix in this order, almond milk, orange & lemon (peeled and quartered), 1/2″ fresh ginger peeled, handful of spinach, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, kelp granules, raw honey, frozen mango. Then blend till green! 😀

It’s quite zippy! But my skin has been feeling like leather lately and it’s time for some natural vitamins to take over!

The ginger, spirulina, and kelp are really good for anti-inflammatory. The almond milk for protein. The citrus and spinach is good for the skin, and the chia great for intestines. And lastly the bee pollen and raw honey for allergies. 🙂
There you have it, natures cure! So drink up and get healthy! 😀


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What I ate tonight

I’ve recently done an assessment of my physique and I think I need to make some changes in 2013….I know, typical for beginning of the year. To tell you the truth, I have been too broke to buy real food! I leaned more on potatoes, eggs, beans, oatmeal, chips n salsa for a few months too long! Today I got a payday incentive. So a grocery shopping I went!
First I’ll show you what I ate tonight and then I’ll explain. 😉


I need to eat more veggies than I have been. Potatoes tend to add up after a while, same with beans. So I went to my fav natural food store New Seasons and loaded up on the organics! Almost all their produce is organic and I looooove that! ❤ I really don't like Trader Joe's cuz it's like a search and rescue for foods I can eat. No thank you!
I loaded up on my greens. Here's some of what I got; Red cabbage, purple kale, rainbow chard, red leaf lettuce, and baby spinach (the darker the healthier). Oranges, lemons, bananas and fresh ginger so I can do smoothies again. Got lots of frozen berries that need used. And I even bought….broccoli! :-/ eek! I'm not a big veggie lover, and specially with broccoli. But I …must …eat… Green…
I'm planning on steaming the broccoli with some butter, I can do that. Just not mushy or raw please.
The kale is outside my comfort zone too. When I worked at a deli we shoved it in between the crocks of the salad bar. Then I found out years later that people actually eat it?!? O.o
One of my friends is doing the Paleo diet (way too restrictive for me!) she LOVES kale, her kids chant "we want kale!" Strange… She showed me you can cook kale with bacon! Just sauté them together (I made the mistake of throwing in the kale too soon, let the bacon sizzle first!)
That was 1/3 of my dinner, the kale and bacon. Then I cut up some sweet potatoes (the white kind, can't remember if its actually a yam?) then tossed it with olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic powder, and rosemary. Roast on 400° for 30 min.
Then the last 1/3 was quinoa boiled in chicken broth (make sure to rinse quinoa before you cook or it turns out bitter). Once that was done I added chopped green onions, red peppers, Roma tomato, avocado, & cilantro. D-LISH!
I gobbled it all up, but left room for my Bobs Red Mill GF/vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie! 😀 To cap it all off I brewed some jasmine green tea. Ohhh boy…no room for midnight snacks tonight!
When I eat something healthy I'll post a few of them, I know I love new ideas!
If you have any ideas for all the greens I bought, comment away!
So have a healthy happy 2013 and eat something green! 😉


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Orchid Blooms


At last!! My orchid re-blooms! So maybe IKEA plants aren’t all that bad after all.
The thing I like best about watching my flower bloom after a year of just leaves is the remembrance of the beauty in your selection. 🙂




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