Detox Green Smoothie!

18 Jan


Here’s what I drank today: throw in VitaMix in this order, almond milk, orange & lemon (peeled and quartered), 1/2″ fresh ginger peeled, handful of spinach, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, kelp granules, raw honey, frozen mango. Then blend till green! 😀

It’s quite zippy! But my skin has been feeling like leather lately and it’s time for some natural vitamins to take over!

The ginger, spirulina, and kelp are really good for anti-inflammatory. The almond milk for protein. The citrus and spinach is good for the skin, and the chia great for intestines. And lastly the bee pollen and raw honey for allergies. 🙂
There you have it, natures cure! So drink up and get healthy! 😀


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