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Family Time!

This weekend my parents were able to come out for a short visit. They live about a 6 hour drive away and so I was very thankful they squeezed it in.
Last week I was sooo drained mainly because I’ve been working close to 50 hour weeks (which takes a toll on me) and the whole Boston bombing thing put me ONE EDGE!!! (Refer to this post to understand why).
My parents came in Friday evening and got to relax a bit before I got off work then we headed to Jade Tea House for dinner. I had planned on cooking….but after cleaning my fridge the day before, my meal went into the trash because it had expired…I’ve obviously been living off fast food lately.
I was craaaaaving the salad rolls!! (Those were what I was going to make…) my dad got the seafood stir-fry and my mom the mango chicken thingy I got last time. We were stuffed!!
So after dinner I was like “so what do you all want to do”???? (I’m the worlds WORST planner!!) My mom asked about a park to go walking in….lightbulb moment!….
One of my friends was just telling me about a rhododendron garden that we were nearby. It was Gorgeous!!! And we were in time for the sunset so I utilized my HDR apps. I was in my “perfect world”. And what I found funny was that my dear ol’ dad and me were getting all the pics and my mom would wait for us and read all the boards. So in the end it all worked out that she told us what our pictures were about. Haha!
There were many unique rhody’s in colors I’ve never seen before. I love love LOVE taking pics of flowers…call me a nerd, but they are beautiful and they comply! (Not like people who run away and hide…). Here are a few of my favorite shots…
This one is an overview of the walkway, fountain, and duck pond.
A few ducks were not very shy…
Sunset setting in…
A lone Dogwood tree. 20130429-215415.jpg
I love how the light was just kissing the edge of this photo and the center of the flower was reaching out to accept. 20130429-215806.jpg
Sunset coming in at its peak…
I was loving the silhouettes I was able to get of the trees. (There’s a duck snoozing on the main log).

This one reminded me of a Spanish dancer with the colors on her “skirt” of the petals. 20130429-220344.jpg
I’m thinking this is a verbena? I loved how they were planted next to this “fiber optic” type of reed grass.
If innocence was a flower, it would look like this one. Sooo pretty!!!20130429-220924.jpg20130429-220948.jpg
My parents enjoying the sunset together. “Awe”20130429-221307.jpg
The ducks were enjoying a sunset swim as well. Pretty soon there will be lots of baby duckies around!
Ok. So after that long day we headed to bed early, cuz who knows what tomorrow may bring.
Saturday April 27th:
I woke up early for a Saturday. Chatted with my dad over coffee and then after I remembered my eggs were expired and I really only eat oatmeal for breakfast…my parents said, “lets just go to Biscuits Cafe”. Fine with me! It’s just down the road and tons of food to sustain you.
Since it was going to be a beautiful warm upper 70° day we sat out on the patio. (Although that’s not the best place to get service there…not like anyplace there you get noticed by your waiter…)
Thankfully I got the meat lovers scramble (no cheese or gluten, yea!) My meal ended up lasting me a good 7 hours! (Double yea!!)
My dad wanted to see Bob’s Red Mill so I happily took him there. I have an obsession for that place! Although they were out of my fav GF/vegan chocolate chip PB cookies. 😦 oh well…I didn’t need the calories anyway! But I got my parents the glutenous snicker doodles (which helped sustain them later in the day). 20130429-222933.jpg
Choices choices choices…
Next stop were a few errands since I couldn’t see past all the juicy bug splats on the windshield, I dropped my dad off at NW Armory to get some ammo and mom n me to the car wash…
JCPenney, GNC, B&N, then to my fav coffee shop – Water Ave coffee. (Shhhh it’s a bday present for my nephew).
Two back to back coffees and a long drive to Woodburn Outlet Mall (WOM) later…
I have never been to WOM before and it was waaaay bigger than I anticipated. (And I had the WRONG shoes to walk in…ouch ouch ouch…)
I actually restrained myself and only got a few things, but mainly I wanted to check out GAP cuz I had $50 in store credit to spend. FUN!!! 😀
I found a cute shirt in Maurice’s. although it TOTALLY clashed with my Capri’s for that day. Lol!
After shopping a good part of the day, we had dinner at Claim Jumper (yummy food!!) and headed home.
Then it dawned on me…OH NO! I was going to have my dad put up my shelves so I can get the totes out of my living room! :-/
I gave my puppy dog look and my dad and me headed to Fred Meyer for wall screws at 10 pm… :]
He gets Dad of the Year award for this one!!
My mom was trying to stay awake…

Notice the clock says 11:45 pm… After that I decided not to torture my neighbors anymore….
The shelves look awesome and I can’t wait to finally decorate my room! After living in this apartment for 2 years I have neglected my room and I’m sick of looking at the blank walls.


So that’s it for my family visit. It was short and jam packed! And man was I tired on Sunday! But I’m really glad I got to see them and also collect a bunch of pics from the visit too (sorry it was a long post…makes up for my month of no blogging).
One thing my co-workers we talking about today was getting the stories from your grandparents on video or audio because one day they will be gone. So this is kinda my little record in time of my family. I am so thankful I can be closer to them since I only got to see them once a year when I lived in Alaska for 9 years. That was hard on me and so now I appreciate them all the more.
Take time to realize what you have, because one day you will miss it.


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