A Day in the Life of Higgley

07 May

Do you remember the Taco Bell commercials from way back when of the doggie saying in his accent “I think I’m in LUV”… Well I think I’ve fallen.
He’s short, white, and slightly wrinkly.
I didn’t think I’d miss him till he was gone at the beach for two days. I needed my Higgley fix!
I’m mean who can resist a face like this?!? (As my bird is extremely jealous that I’m writing this post…)

Don’t let the underbite scare you….he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met!! He’s not a drooly dog (except after a drink of water). He LOVES to be beaten on (like Rolfing pats, not abuse), doggie spa treatment massages, treats galore… We make him work for it though. 😉
I’m not a dog person either so this is kinda scaring me. Although I miss petting my kitty’s who have taken their 9th life. And my birdie I can barely pet with one finger and he squawks like I’m bruising him…(he’s 14 years old). So it’s nice to have a dog you can give a good pat on the back and a chin scratch to help de-stress and relax. :]
This is not my dog, it’s the owners of my work. So when I just need to take a break from the computer I call him over and he just plops down for his lov’ins. :-] occasionally I’ll give into his boredom and play tug-o-war and get him riled up so he’ll get wore out and then SNORE….oh how jealous he makes us to be able to sleep at the job. 😉 I usually blame his snoring on a co-worker. Lol!
Oh how much joy a little animal could bring. He was kinda a rescue dog. He had cherry eyes and the original owners could not afford the surgery. So one man paid for the surgery until a good home could be found. A co-workers wife works at that surgery clinic and knew the owners of my company was looking for a bulldog, so they snatched him right up. I’m glad he got another chance. :-}












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