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My busy fun day in pictures…

Today I was on a mission! Luckily I knew where to start. My bird was trying to distract me with this cute innocent look…but really he was screaming for my attention all day! (Not acceptable!!) So I did some flight training with him. He’s really starting to get control with his flight…unlike the other day where he flew across the room, smacked into the glass slider, then was dangling off the end table. I’m sure it hurt but I was laughing too hard to notice! He was ok…but didn’t learn cuz he tried it again in my bedroom…so flight training I will do. 😉

Speaking of bedrooms, back to the subject!
I have a big white void on my bedroom wall that needs some color! I was debating doing another vinyl wall decal, but then again, I was wanting an oil painting. Fred Meyer had some awesome Koi fish oil paints, but for full price…so I headed to my favorite Home Goods store. They have ridiculously low prices on everything! I got a large framed mirror there last year for like $30! So after scanning all their paintings I settled on this one. (I hadn’t taken the cardboard off the edges yet…)

I’m loving all the primary colors in this print! And such a lovely scene…(and nobody’s getting drunk in the background either haha).
As I was wandering I checked out the clearance rack and could not leave without these bowls! They are like a coral color (not pink). Poppies print. So Gorgeous!

Then off to Dress Barn. I saw a beautiful necklace there last time but had already spent a bit on the new dresses. So I decided to come back. And I also found these CUTE earrings! They totally matched my shirt today too!


[Disclaimer: I did not take that WHILE driving…I was at a red light…]
So moving on… My all time favorite store since I was a teenager was having a 75% off sale… So in I go!
I fell in LOVE with this Limoncello scent! So awesome it also came in a hand soap! I could just smell it all day…but then that might be considered huffing??

I also got a bunch of wall flower refills in these scents: fresh balsam (super awesome they brought it back in the summer!), island nectar, limoncello, and flower shop (smells like peonies). :]
And then…. Here’s two new lotions. The peach poppy is a very light scent, like can barely smell it. But the Rio Rumberry is super charged island smells. LOVE IT!!

Oh…and the best part, they were only $2.75 each! Then the final total…$34!
I felt like I won the lottery! Lol!! Ok, so not really. But I was really happy! 😀
I probably looked like a dork with the yea’s I was doing as I saw each item price ring up. LOL!!
I also went to GNC to get refills on my vitamins. I got up-saled on these chew square thingies…tastes like starbursts! One is a chia protein chews and the other was B-12 chews. Them B’s sure did work!! (Along with my coffee..)
Next stop was New Seasons Market. Got me some fresh veggies for the week, and found me a gem! Udi’s now makes “flour” tortillas! (I’m so sick of corn tortillas…never really liked them anyway). These are a bit thicker than a normal gluten flour tortilla, but that’s maybe so they don’t crumble is my guess? They are mighty tasty!! Had burritos tonight. Mmmmm…. :]
I got me some flowers for home too…something to look forward to after long hours working.

I love arranging flowers…I actually wanted to be a florist when I was younger, but the long hours standing on a concrete floor was a turn off… (That and I loved drafting more…)
I also saw this cute bird cage flower pot. I’ve been wanting to spruce up my patio, so here’s my opportunity!

Next stop Fred Meyers for some more flowers.

I really couldn’t shove much more in my car!! And my flowers were wilting in the 85° heat! (I’m sure it was hotter than that IN my car).
But here’s the finished product. Looks sooo much better!! I was Lovin the lemon yellow flowers! Specially the small ones. (Don’t remember what they are called). I got zinnias because my mom said they usually attract humming birds and butterfly’s. There was a butterfly I was following around the nursery to see where she landed…she must of been full, she didn’t land.
But here’s my beauties. :-}







Fabulous sunset! (Running out of adjectives…)
And last but not least… Peaches took a bath. 🙂 He’s so funny looking when he’s wet. (And never stands still long enough to get a good focus).

So that was my fun day. I felt like I haven’t had a life recently so it was enjoyable to be out in the sun!
Oh. Almost forgot! Here are two more pics. The flower I didn’t get, but thought was cool looking. And the print I had to laugh! For one I realized I didn’t spell Lemonade right in my last post! And the other was the phrase in itself. I whole hearted agree!


(If you can’t see around the cardboard edges it says..”when life gives you lemons, chuck them back and DEMAND chocolate!”) LOL! 😀

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The little things that matter…

Sometimes when life throws you lemons you gotta make lemon aid!
Yesterday was no fun…it was THEE Monday of MONDAYS….and I’ll just leave it at that… Thankfully I was able to convince my coworker…not working too late tonight…gotta make time to clean my house! (Been working 50+/- hour weeks…) Also I was secretly conniving a plan….muhahaha!
We passed around the birthday card (in the Manila envelope of course…even though that’s the only thing we use those for- Ha!). This co-worker of mine who’s bday was today works like 70+ just so we don’t have to hire someone. I hear where he’s coming from…but then again it’s his thing not mine…I have a limit! But since its been late nights (and 3 more weeks to go..) I decided to do something nice with the spark of energy (it was a little spark…nothing big) I had and make my famous cobbler recipe. I did a variation of apples and Marion berries this time. But for the topping I didn’t have enough GF flour so I had to combine it with the recipe here.
I had gotten a boat load of apples from our company meeting (nobody wanted theirs in their sack lunch…so they give it to the GF girl so she doesn’t starve…) then they tell me to make something for them! LOL! Cue Mr.Burns tapping his fingers together “eXcellent….”
For some reason my co-workers think I “suffer” eating cardboard and that I’m a vegan…cuz people who have a weird diet are vegan right?!? No! I LOVE a slab of meat…I just hate coking it! Anywho…
Where was I at?…oh yeah, making cobbler. The apples were kinda getting on the old side, but still editable! I was making the cobbler while watching the KeyNote from Apple’s WWDC 2013 (apples…haha…) they got some SWEET features for iOS 7!! Can’t wait! 😀
So as I was distracted with the latest and greatest operating system…I was hoping my recipe will come out good. Cuz nothing more embarrassing than serving your coworkers cardboard!
Sorry if I’m rattling on…I’ll get to my point…
Sun sets….sun rises….I actually had some energy this morning! That NEVER happens in the morning… So I pack up all my stuff, am wearing my cute favorite Shade Clothing sweater in crisp white with peach stripes, and my brand new GAP slacks….can you see where this is headed?….
So I pack myself up (3 bags, and apple cobbler) go to put the cobbler in the car, which the floor board seems like 5″ off the ground…and I feel this weird sensation down my leg….Marion berry juice in abundance!!! OH NO!!!
So I go and throw all my bags in the car and quickly change and soak, saturate, and douse my clothes in detergent and oxi-clean. Then I call the cleaners asking if there’s any hope…and they tell me to do the opposite of what I just did… *sigh*….just go to work Jeni…
So I get to work an hour late…ugh! And have this smile on my face like a kid saying “I know something you don’t know!!” Because nobody was expecting me to make this, I just wanted to. And the fact that I just ruined my fav outfit and can still smile says the surprise was worth it!
I get on my IM to try and add suspense but saying “I got a surprise for you…but it’s lacking in its potty training abilities…and made a mess all over me!” Haha. His reply “NO MORE ANIMALS!” (Obviously they have a few too many…)
All throughout the day (even though my blood sugar was all over the place and making me sick and the rain was making me feel like I’m 90..) I had this huge grin on my face because of this surprise…it looked something like this…
Frightening I know… Haha
So FINALLY a few hours after lunch I call out the troops…getting the surprise!!!!!
We give him the card, I break out my Zippo app to light a flame as we watched a few off-key singers sing Happy birthday…lol.
Then they devour… ((Cringing…I hope it tastes good…))
And the crowd goes wild …yeaaaaaa yeaaaaaa yeaaaa….
Ok so maybe it didn’t go just like that…
But they liked it none the less and the GF girl saves her reputation again.

Oh wait!!!! I forgot the best part!!!
So at lunch I go home to see if the dry cleaners by my house can salvage my outfit, and I barge through the door and my unsuspecting birdie who was happily munching on his chew toy whips around with this beaming super cute birdie face to say “MOMMY! YOU CAME BACK EARLY!!! 😀 YEA!!”
(He didn’t actually say that…I’m just one of those crazy people who speak for animals…y’all know you do it too..)
So he got his loving mid afternoon and it looks like my sweater is going to be ok! The pants I couldn’t tell, so I took them to the cleaners. But just seeing that look on my birdies face {Priceless}
So that was my exciting day… Lets hope we don’t repeat the beginning again…my leg still has a funny tingling… Thank goodness it wasn’t piping hot outta the oven!!
Happy Tuesday!!


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Do you remember when…

Lately I have been thinking about my childhood a lot. Memories of different things and wishing that when my grandparents were still alive I could ask them…”what was your life like when you were younger”?
Sometimes it’s so hard to ask those questions to people because the daily grind of the here and the now consume your thoughts and the past is soon forgotten…
I thought it would be interesting to write down some of my childhood memories every now and then. I can’t remember how old I was in many of them, it’s all based off of “I was this tall”…kinda or something like that…

I remember when I was younger, summers at my grandparents cabin. The long (45 min was long back then…) drive to grandmas house.
You drive up Highway 2, past Newport, turn right after the railroad tracks, go down a long gravel road (gotta drive slow so you don’t stir up the dust), then turn right to an olive green two story cabin that sits on the edge of the Pend Oreille (pond-o-ray) river. We’d run into the house and give my grandparents a hug and claim our rooms (although I didn’t get to sleep officially in a room till most of the cousins and siblings were married).
Either we’d run down to the river and go swimming and catching tadpoles until dinner was ready, or we were downstairs playing the Atari. Occasionally I’d go find my grandpa in his shop and being all curious about a knick knack he was fiddling with or watching him water his garden.
My grandma made the BEST food ever! (Too bad I can’t eat it now…stupid gluten…) we would fry up zucchini from my grandpas garden that was the size of your arm…that was soooo yummy! (Why is the zucchini in the store so small? Really?!?)
Then after dinner and cleanup we’d all get around the table and play the card game “Hmmmmmm” (I think it’s a form of rummy?)
My grandpa was THEE WORST to sit next to for that game! He had NO mercy even to the youngest member of the family…me! He’d hold on to the card you needed even if it was to no use to him and a big point card (you want the lowest score possible).
My skill was after I had my cards down on the table but still cards in my hand I’d use my last “buy” and take the two penalty cards that came with it and go flat and everyone after their many warnings “do you really want to do that” would end up wanting to banish me from the table as they hold a fistful of cards! (Around 17 was the max).
Then when we were all past our bedtime, the kids were sent to bed as the parents stayed up to talk. (It’s pretty hard to sleep when people are talking in the room next door and you’re listening for your name to pop up somewhere…)
Some of the things we would do at my grandmas house was we would take a walk up the dirt road to the main road, touch the main road, then go back, which was about a mile.
One time I remember tromping in the mud next to my grandparents section of beach and picking off section by section the swamp grass (don’t know what it was called) because it was sooo neat the perfect zig zag pattern each section had holding it together. Amongst the mud and swamp grass were tons of tree frogs! My sister and I would go chasing them all over! One day I ran across a bullfrog!!! “WHAT IS THAT”?!? It’s a little different touching a big ol’ fat bullfrog compared to a tiny tree frog…
Sometimes my cousins and siblings would swim or inner tube to the island (without permission). Of course the day I go over there everyone gets in trouble and we couldn’t go there anymore. (Maybe because the swift current and undertow?!?!?!?)
There seemed to be many times where whenever I joined in to mischief that everyone got in trouble…I think that was the innocents of youth speaking…ha! I soon learned that I wasn’t very well liked by my cousins (I already knew I wasn’t liked by my siblings!)
Ironically it wasn’t until my brother turned Mormon and my sister had messed up her life that I finally became “cool”. Maybe that was around 14?
Sometimes I wish I could just go back to the cabin and see my grandma humming away as she cleaned in her kitchen and give my grandpa another bear hug as I would be standing on his feet (all 40 lbs of me) and he shuffled me along as he walked…


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Chapped Lips??

I have been searching high and low for a lip balm that actually HELPS my super chapped lips…and I finally found it!!
I’ve seen these egg things all over the place and thought “what’s the big deal”? I saw some at Ulta for about $3 each…and I thought…not today.
Then I saw a pack of 8 I think at Costco for $6 (I think) and thought…now THAT’S worth it! Plus I gave some to my nieces for their birthday surprises. 🙂
These EOS eggs don’t have a strong smell (disappointment cuz I LOVE smelly things) but I have not had chapped lips since I’ve been using them!
For a while there I was thinking I had cancer in my lips or something because nothing was helping.

But yea!! Something that works!!!
These little eggs are also 95% organic too! That’s pretty good! Better than none at all!
For more info of all the yummy goodness check it out here.
Now go out and get some!!
Gotta drink my coffee and work some OT. Happy Monday!! 🙂 ~D


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Protein Breakfast Scramble

Today is one of those Saturdays where you just take your sweet time doing whatever you want because you don’t have to go anywhere. Unfortunately those days is when I tend to eat breakfast at 2 PM… because its just not convenient and I really don’t want to eat oatmeal again. What I really needed today was some good tasty protein and pronto!
So what I conjured up today was this:
(don’t judge… it’s tasty!)

I used what I had and it turned out pretty good!!
Enough talk, let’s get cookin!

Protein Breakfast Scramble
• 1/4 lb of cooked sausage (I’m using the rest of my lb in my dinner for tonight)
• 3 eggs (or more)
• Almond Milk (unsweetened original)
• almond cheese (I used Lisanatti brand – helping support the locals!)
• 1/2 bell pepper, chopped
• 1 shallot, peeled & chopped
• 1/2 can of black beans, rinsed
• salt & pepper (I like pink hymalians salt)
• garlic & onion powder
• half can of olives, drained & sliced.

The method to my madness:
• Cook up the Italian (or what ever type) sausage in a separate pan until cooked all the way through.
• In non stick frying pan, sauté shallots and black beans in some olive oil until shallots are near translucent.
• Add bell peppers and continue to sauté.
• Mix up in a bowl eggs, s&p & spices, then whisk in almond milk, then pour into NS frying pan.
• Add cooked sausage on top, then let the egg cook a little and start scrambling. Add in the olives. (I really only used maybe 5 olives chopped, but I kept eating the rest…)
• Once the eggs start to look not so runny, I add in the cheese. If you add the cheese in when the eggs are still runny things just get slimy….and that’s where I start gagging…
• Wait till cheese is melted and then serve!

I didn’t use a lot of spices in this recipe because the sausage was already heavily spiced. (New Seasons super healthy pig named Georgio- he’s Italian 😉 who ate no grains but ate lots of spices to make him so succulent, never consumed GMO’s and was treated fairly….until slaughter…)
Try it out for yourself! I almost want to eat the second half, but want to save it for tomorrow when I actually have to get a move on in the morning. 🙂


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