The little things that matter…

12 Jun

Sometimes when life throws you lemons you gotta make lemon aid!
Yesterday was no fun…it was THEE Monday of MONDAYS….and I’ll just leave it at that… Thankfully I was able to convince my coworker…not working too late tonight…gotta make time to clean my house! (Been working 50+/- hour weeks…) Also I was secretly conniving a plan….muhahaha!
We passed around the birthday card (in the Manila envelope of course…even though that’s the only thing we use those for- Ha!). This co-worker of mine who’s bday was today works like 70+ just so we don’t have to hire someone. I hear where he’s coming from…but then again it’s his thing not mine…I have a limit! But since its been late nights (and 3 more weeks to go..) I decided to do something nice with the spark of energy (it was a little spark…nothing big) I had and make my famous cobbler recipe. I did a variation of apples and Marion berries this time. But for the topping I didn’t have enough GF flour so I had to combine it with the recipe here.
I had gotten a boat load of apples from our company meeting (nobody wanted theirs in their sack lunch…so they give it to the GF girl so she doesn’t starve…) then they tell me to make something for them! LOL! Cue Mr.Burns tapping his fingers together “eXcellent….”
For some reason my co-workers think I “suffer” eating cardboard and that I’m a vegan…cuz people who have a weird diet are vegan right?!? No! I LOVE a slab of meat…I just hate coking it! Anywho…
Where was I at?…oh yeah, making cobbler. The apples were kinda getting on the old side, but still editable! I was making the cobbler while watching the KeyNote from Apple’s WWDC 2013 (apples…haha…) they got some SWEET features for iOS 7!! Can’t wait! 😀
So as I was distracted with the latest and greatest operating system…I was hoping my recipe will come out good. Cuz nothing more embarrassing than serving your coworkers cardboard!
Sorry if I’m rattling on…I’ll get to my point…
Sun sets….sun rises….I actually had some energy this morning! That NEVER happens in the morning… So I pack up all my stuff, am wearing my cute favorite Shade Clothing sweater in crisp white with peach stripes, and my brand new GAP slacks….can you see where this is headed?….
So I pack myself up (3 bags, and apple cobbler) go to put the cobbler in the car, which the floor board seems like 5″ off the ground…and I feel this weird sensation down my leg….Marion berry juice in abundance!!! OH NO!!!
So I go and throw all my bags in the car and quickly change and soak, saturate, and douse my clothes in detergent and oxi-clean. Then I call the cleaners asking if there’s any hope…and they tell me to do the opposite of what I just did… *sigh*….just go to work Jeni…
So I get to work an hour late…ugh! And have this smile on my face like a kid saying “I know something you don’t know!!” Because nobody was expecting me to make this, I just wanted to. And the fact that I just ruined my fav outfit and can still smile says the surprise was worth it!
I get on my IM to try and add suspense but saying “I got a surprise for you…but it’s lacking in its potty training abilities…and made a mess all over me!” Haha. His reply “NO MORE ANIMALS!” (Obviously they have a few too many…)
All throughout the day (even though my blood sugar was all over the place and making me sick and the rain was making me feel like I’m 90..) I had this huge grin on my face because of this surprise…it looked something like this…
Frightening I know… Haha
So FINALLY a few hours after lunch I call out the troops…getting the surprise!!!!!
We give him the card, I break out my Zippo app to light a flame as we watched a few off-key singers sing Happy birthday…lol.
Then they devour… ((Cringing…I hope it tastes good…))
And the crowd goes wild …yeaaaaaa yeaaaaaa yeaaaa….
Ok so maybe it didn’t go just like that…
But they liked it none the less and the GF girl saves her reputation again.

Oh wait!!!! I forgot the best part!!!
So at lunch I go home to see if the dry cleaners by my house can salvage my outfit, and I barge through the door and my unsuspecting birdie who was happily munching on his chew toy whips around with this beaming super cute birdie face to say “MOMMY! YOU CAME BACK EARLY!!! 😀 YEA!!”
(He didn’t actually say that…I’m just one of those crazy people who speak for animals…y’all know you do it too..)
So he got his loving mid afternoon and it looks like my sweater is going to be ok! The pants I couldn’t tell, so I took them to the cleaners. But just seeing that look on my birdies face {Priceless}
So that was my exciting day… Lets hope we don’t repeat the beginning again…my leg still has a funny tingling… Thank goodness it wasn’t piping hot outta the oven!!
Happy Tuesday!!


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