Did everybody miss me?

30 Jul

Today was my first day back from vacation to work and the first thing I see on my desk is Fred. He is a striped beetle of some sort. Just hanging out in a canister…they were all surprised I didn’t scream, had Fred been loose then that would have been a different story!

About the title…it’s not that you all missed me, it’s all these animals missed me! My bird was so stressed out at birdie-sitting that he didn’t touch his regular food and only ate his treat millet. 😦 he also lost .2 ounces, which is like 5 lbs to humans. That scared me since he’s 14 years old! Shoving walnuts down him to fatten him up!!! He’s also wanted to become my second skin and crawl under mine any possible moment. Under my chin, back of neck, palm of hand, he even crawled in my sleeve the other day. He’s gone crazy! Must contain the birdie love…
The other guy who missed me was Mr. Higgley. He was whining at my desk all morning and would not leave me alone! Hard to get work done when you have a bulldog DEMANDING your attention.
Today was not a good day though. I thought it awesome that I can order pizza online so I got a GF no cheese pizza from Bellagio’s. as I was eating it I thought wow this GF crust tastes just….like….the…. Um…. GRRRR!!!! Called them up and ask how they tell the difference between Gluten Free and Gluten FULL… They totally gave me the wrong crust!!! O.o
I ate a whole slice too. :(… That is the most gluten I’ve eaten in 2 years. I instantly felt this lump in my stomach. Then gradually felt it digest….I don’t normally feel my food digesting….so this is not good. I was curious to see what my body would do. The worst part was the achy joints later in the day and the extreme fatigue. I’ve been laying in bed pretty much since I got home. I did ask for a refund and a GF pizza. I actually like GF crust way better.
I think Higgley was feeling sorry for me too cuz he totally tossed his doggie cookies today. He looked so sad afterwards! We were both a hot mess.

While I was waiting for my second pizza, my co-worker and I went for a walk along the bluff in Oregon City. Such a pretty day. It’s hard to believe all this industrial ruins will one day be retail and condos! That’s a lot of work coming within the next few years. BTW I heard this waterfall is the widest waterfall next to Niagara in the US. Hard to believe, I haven’t researched it either but I thought it a cool fact.

And last picture for today is last nights sunset (bottom pic) and tonight’s (top pic). I was closing up everything when I saw how beautiful the sunset was tonight! I was trying to load the 4990 photos from the wedding I took in San Antonio this weekend and so I had to use my iPhone for tonight’s shot. The bottom shot was with my new camera. Canon T5i. I LOVE IT! More pics and reviews on it and my new camera bag coming soon….
Time to rest these achy bones. TTFN!


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2 responses to “Did everybody miss me?

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    October 9, 2014 at 3:35 AM

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    • jeni315

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      Thanks! My blog is on hold for right now. Developing bigger things for the future. I have a trusted friend that is a website developer, so I’m all covered. Thanks!


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