Gluten Poisoning… :(

01 Aug

Day 3 of gluten poisoning…
Everyone keeps telling me “sue them”, “you should show them what it did to you”… Well to tell you the truth it wasn’t the pizza places’ fault, it was the online ordering place who relayed the message wrong. So I can’t put a face to that. It is what it is…
Anyway, what a full on slice of gluten has done to me… This may get a lil TMI in places, I’ll try to keep it clean.
The day of I felt the lump going thru my digestive track…and then stop. :-/ my stomach would ache, I was super tired! (I’m sure the coffee I’ve been drinking the last two days have not helped).
Yesterday I was not as tired, but the digestive system is still not moving… I thought it kinda ok since gluten does the extreme opposite to me. Well….. My face stared getting all these bumps all over… I tried to be good and not touch my face. By the end of yesterday it was a full on rash! This has NEVER happened to me.

I hate that pic…but it’s a visual for how POISONOUS gluten is! That is with my makeup on still and my face was really red by the time I got home. The lady at New Seasons really helped me out with the natural remedy section. She found me a camomile mask to help sooth my skin and a homeopathic remedy to calm the rash.

A quick text to my chiropractor also helped lead in the right direction on how to help get my digestive system working again. Gallons of water, raw food steamed, and more water.
I tried the “master cleanse” this morning…and lots of water afterwards cuz it’s NASTY! And that has not helped. I tried drinking 25 oz of sea salt water last night, that was SUPER NASTY! And that kinda helped.
So onto drastic measures… Boiled cabbage…

My best friend growing up had a mom that was full German and she made THE BEST boiled cabbage and I never knew how she did it. Until now…
Bacon makes everything better! 😀
So here’s the recipe…I sure hope it helps with the problem…and drinking more water than a whale with it…
I hate gluten…

Boiled Cabbage
• 1/2 head of (or whole for a large batch) red cabbage
• 1 whole onion, peeled and chopped
• 1/4 cup bacon bits (it’s the fast way)
• 2 TBS grapes seed oil
• 1 clove garlic, pressed or chopped
• 1 cup chicken stock (or broth)
• 1/2 tsp sea salt
• 1/4 tsp pepper
• 1/8 tsp cayenne
• 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

How To:
Cut up onion and sauté in oil with bacon bits and garlic in Dutch oven (you want something big if you do the whole head of cabbage). Sauté onions until almost translucent.
Add cabbage, salt, pepper, cayenne. Sauté until cabbage is softer.
Add broth and cider vinegar and stir.
Bring to a boil and then turn on to simmer for 10-15 min covered.
When done just add to a bowl and enjoy!
I’m a one dish person, so half a head of cabbage serves 2. But if using as a side dish, it serves 4.
It is soooo yummy!!!
And just to show you how bad that rash is in comparison to how my face was, here’s a pic from the wedding last Friday. It’s off the back of my camera display because downloading pics onto my computer has been a slooooooooow process…



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