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Crate and Barrel, Ferrari’s, and the perfect egg

To start off my post I’ll give my recipe, and then the fun stuff at the end. 😉
Yesterday I went to get my hair done near Bridgeport Village. (Which is the elite/ritzy mall….but also has great GF/DF food!) After my appointment I headed over to Crate & Barrel to just look around and ask about something I’ve been wanting for a long time! Unfortunately the smaller (and cheaper) size does not do what I am looking for… So I kept walking. I found a mini spatula and a nifty egg timer. Big spender, I know. 😉
I am HORRIBLE at cooking a hard boiled egg, it’s either gel in the yolk or green from killing it. So the egg timer is a hopeful.

I tried it this morning and it worked!! I like a hard yolk so this was perfect. 🙂

Today for lunch I decided to make an egg salad sandwich. It’s been since I was a kid since I’ve had one! I had to look up how to make it it’s been so long. :-p Here’s my version of it.

Egg Salad Sandwich
• 4 slices Gluten Free Bread (they are small….so if you are hungry, it takes 2 to make a thing go right!)
• 4 hard boiled eggs
• miracle whip (or mayo if you are a hater of the tangy zip)
• 1 small shallot, peeled & diced
• fresh chives, chopped
• Fresh spinach
• dash of Trader Joes “21 season salute”
• dash of Trader Joes Smoked Paprika
• Salt & Pepper to taste

How To:
Toast bread.
Wash spinach & chives then pat dry.
Peel and clean eggs, mash mash mash.
Add spices, shallots, chives, stir stir stir.
Add mayo like substance, stir stir stir.
Add some mayo to bread, lay down a layer of spinach, add Egg Salad on top.
Complete sandwich.
Eat eat eat! Molt, expand, repeat!
I actually had enough left over for one more sandwich, so it could serve 3 people. 🙂


Ok now for the fun stuff. Here are a few things that are WAYYYY outta my price range, but very petty. 😀










So now you are probably wondering where the Ferrari comes in… I happened to park next to it at Crate & Barrel. I decided to take pictures when I was leaving so security wouldn’t cart me away before I got a bite to eat. 😉


My red car is in the background. Don’t they look sooo much alike?!? His rims are way better…and the horse emblem got left off when they assembled my car too. Lol! :-p
Happy Summer!! 😀


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A Day in the Life of Higgley

Do you remember the Taco Bell commercials from way back when of the doggie saying in his accent “I think I’m in LUV”… Well I think I’ve fallen.
He’s short, white, and slightly wrinkly.
I didn’t think I’d miss him till he was gone at the beach for two days. I needed my Higgley fix!
I’m mean who can resist a face like this?!? (As my bird is extremely jealous that I’m writing this post…)

Don’t let the underbite scare you….he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met!! He’s not a drooly dog (except after a drink of water). He LOVES to be beaten on (like Rolfing pats, not abuse), doggie spa treatment massages, treats galore… We make him work for it though. 😉
I’m not a dog person either so this is kinda scaring me. Although I miss petting my kitty’s who have taken their 9th life. And my birdie I can barely pet with one finger and he squawks like I’m bruising him…(he’s 14 years old). So it’s nice to have a dog you can give a good pat on the back and a chin scratch to help de-stress and relax. :]
This is not my dog, it’s the owners of my work. So when I just need to take a break from the computer I call him over and he just plops down for his lov’ins. :-] occasionally I’ll give into his boredom and play tug-o-war and get him riled up so he’ll get wore out and then SNORE….oh how jealous he makes us to be able to sleep at the job. 😉 I usually blame his snoring on a co-worker. Lol!
Oh how much joy a little animal could bring. He was kinda a rescue dog. He had cherry eyes and the original owners could not afford the surgery. So one man paid for the surgery until a good home could be found. A co-workers wife works at that surgery clinic and knew the owners of my company was looking for a bulldog, so they snatched him right up. I’m glad he got another chance. :-}












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Spring Stroll in the Portland Japanese Gardens

Today was a rare spring day for Portland. It was sunny and 76°!!
I have been wanting to get over to the Japanese Gardens before the cherry blossoms had fallen. Today was my day! I had gotten there at 3:45, they stop letting people in at 4, and gates close at 5. So that’s enough time to get some sweet light shots before they close.
Although I had 2 backup batteries…I didn’t take into account that my memory card was about filled up…oops! Delete delete delete!!! (In 5 seconds or less…) Thankfully I learned on the fly how to delete batches by date. Yeah!
So here’s some of my shots just off my iPhone. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 😀








It’s nice to top off a warm day with some salad rolls from Jade Tea House in Sellwood. I also got the mango chicken, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach!


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There are two great virtues one must possess; Wisdom and Patience…


😛 poor doggie, he looks hungry, and slightly annoyed..


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I busted out laughing when I saw this!
(specially after getting a ton of organic food today for groceries)



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Book Sale!

I’m purging my bookshelf…I don’t have time to read anymore… So if anyone is interested in these books they are posted on eBay right here.

I also have a ton of wedding mags, I’m not getting married anytime soon. They are all dated 2011, so still pretty recent.
Happy reading…please help me clear out space!
Also, check out one of my motivational blogs…the whole implement part sorta gets left behind…but one step at a time!


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Keep Portland Clean…eat a pigeon!



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