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Random camera roll shots

Here’s just some random pics of my camera roll. I was looking at my last few posts and wanted to show an updated pic of my lilies. :-} and other stuff too.


And yesterday as I was trying to get some OT in I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful sky!!! It really didn’t make me want to go into work with the 80° 79% humidity day! (perfect weather for me!!!)


And here’s the GF version of my zucchini bread…smells soooooo good!

I only had 1 loaf pan…
What I learned with my new kitchen aid stand mixer…start beating dry ingredients slooooowly…or it goes *POOF*!!! Oops…

And last but not least…. “Drumroll please!”
My favorite DrawSomething art…
My user name is AvianAddict315 if anyone wants to improve my drawing skills. 😉






I know I’m a dork…but I’m secure in my dorkiness. 😛


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Here’s an App for those frustrating photos where you have a bright sky and dark shadows….
You take two pictures…
one where you focus on the dark shadows to bring them visible,
and then the sky so it’s not too bright and merge the two together to get a perfect balance of light photo!!
ok so I guess I should of stayed awake in my english class cuz I don’t think that made much sense…
So here’s the link…Camera
So try it out when the sun is visible….we don’t have sun today so I can’t tell if it’s a good app or not.  Open-mouthed
Note: Only works for the iPhone 3Gs where it has auto white balance…
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Talks to type

There’s a program for your computer called Dragon Naturally Speaking  that allows you to say what you want to type.
Now there is a App Called Dragon Dictation that does the same thing for iPhone! 🙂
You can say what you want to email or text without having to chicken peck it on the tiny keyboard! Light bulb
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iPhone Addicts Anonymous

Nobody stole my iPhone, but they did my Co-workers…and now she’s kicking herself for not getting MobileMe to track the GPS on her phone.
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More iPhone Accessories

We’ve seen a few iPhone camera mods and even the odd off-the-shelf case with interchangeable lenses — but why buy new lenses when you already have some perfectly good ones for your SLR camera? That’s the thinking behind this so-called Phone-O-Scope built by camera modder Bhautik Joshi, at least, which makes use of an always handy laser pickup from a CD player, some PVC pipe couplers and, of course, duct tape to let you attach any regular SLR lens to your iPhone. As you might expect, however, the end result isn’t exactly flawless, but the Bhautik does seem to be happy with the "fuzzy, Holga-like images" he’s able to get with the rig. Judge for yourself after the break, and find the details for building your own at the link below.

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iPhone Photo Apps

1. BestCamera –
2. Photo fx –
3. CameraBag –
4. Camera Genius –
5. Nikon Learn & Explore –
6. TiltShift –
7. Photogene –
8. Shakeit Photo –
9. FotoTimer –
10. Darkroom Premium –

Here are some more that I have downloaded.

Shutterfly, Flickr, Camera Zoom, iFlashReady, ColorSplash, AutoStitch, HDRCamera, Koredoko, PhotoStudio, PS Mobile.

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iPhone Photo filters

  • Sticks to camera phone with a gummy ring
  • Work with all standard size camera phone lenses (1/2" or less)
  • Come with handy keychain loops
  • Endlessly reusable

Some argue that the best camera is the one you’ve got with you — right now.

For most of us that means our cell phones, which we use to photograph just about everything. And by everything we mean ehhv-ree-thang. From your late night donut to the guy on the bus wearing a Darth Vader mask and eating ice cream. (If you live in San Francisco like we do, this is a photo-worthy yet not uncommon occurrence).

So if your phone is always there to capture life’s most precious kodak moments — why not give it the same awesome accessories as your other cams?

Jelly Phone Filters are keychain sized adapters for your camera phone’s itty bitty lens.

Morph your otherwise low-res snapshots into something of a spectacle with kaleidoscopes, wide angles, and starbursts. Each filter is outfitted with a re-usable gummy ring so you can use it over and over again.

With them, what was once a ho-hum picture of a stranger’s "LOL FAIL" vanity plate is now a kaleidoscopal masterpiece. And that everyday croissant? Add a wide angle and it’s now a gargantuan pastry from space. Then, throw in a little starburst lens and your otherwise ordinary best friend is now hurtling into the future at the speed of light.

Keep it up, and with these lenses you’ll soon be known as iArbus.

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