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Masters of Photography

There are two photographers that inspire me and really wow my eyes.
Ansel Adams…of course, was the master of black and white photography. He knew how to play light and shadows and bring depth to a photo without the use of color. Waiting, planning, and patiently awaiting for the right moments to capture the shots he published.

Trey Ratcliff is the other. I’d call him the master of HDR photography. HDR is essentially taking three or more shots getting the light from the foreground, interior, and background so that you see the picture as if you were seeing it with your own eyes. It’s hard to explain… But basically if you were to take a single shot of a sunset over the city lights you would not get the actual dept you see with your eyes, all you would get was the sunset and a darkened foreground. So anyways, if you really want to understand more about how it works, go here.
So back to Trey. One of the things that impresses me about him, besides his photography skills, is that he’s blind in one eye! So really he only sees things in 2D. For someone to have a handicap like that and to produce such amazing results is astounding to me!
I have his RSS feed that I occasionally visit and recently there was a post for a video that motivated me want to share. So check out this time lapse HDR of Queensland, New Zealand.

And here is my basic sunset pictures from last night using Pro HDR app on my iPhone. The last shot is actually the first that was taken without HDR, it’s really not as exciting as what I was seeing. But I threw it in so you can see the difference.




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Random camera roll shots

Here’s just some random pics of my camera roll. I was looking at my last few posts and wanted to show an updated pic of my lilies. :-} and other stuff too.


And yesterday as I was trying to get some OT in I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful sky!!! It really didn’t make me want to go into work with the 80° 79% humidity day! (perfect weather for me!!!)


And here’s the GF version of my zucchini bread…smells soooooo good!

I only had 1 loaf pan…
What I learned with my new kitchen aid stand mixer…start beating dry ingredients slooooowly…or it goes *POOF*!!! Oops…

And last but not least…. “Drumroll please!”
My favorite DrawSomething art…
My user name is AvianAddict315 if anyone wants to improve my drawing skills. 😉






I know I’m a dork…but I’m secure in my dorkiness. 😛


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