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Drink of Choice


I seem to be regimented when at work on things I drink throughout the day. But at home on the weekend is another story. But one thing is consistent…au natural….

I have come a loooooong way to how I used to eat and drink when I lived in the frozen north (aka Alaska). I don’t know how I survived the way I ate. I’m just glad to be on this side.
My mom since I was a child consumes Diet Coke morning, noon, and night. When I was a kid I thought that awesome that when I grow up I could eat cookies and have a soda for breakfast. Haha! That is soooo bad for you! I used to hate coffee then too. Oh how the tables have turned!

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Yesterday I managed to make it halfway through the day on my protein smoothie (mango lemonade, orange, 2 lemons, apple, spinach, chia seeds, bee pollen, and protein powder). But man was I tired! Of course more sleep would help…novel concept!
But coffee seems to be my drink of choice. It’s got antioxidants so therefore it’s good for you. 🙂
I used to like lattes, but it became too sweet for me. After going off dairy, adding soy to a Starbucks bumps up the price… So I just go brewed coffee and I bring my own powdered creamer (yes I know it’s not the best for you, but it’s better TASTING than all the other alternatives).

Brewed coffee at Starbucks is way cheaper than a latte! And believe it or not, there’s more caffeine…I just saved you a buck or two. 😉
My next drink of choice is tea, I usually start a cup at 10:30ish. So by the time 2-3pm rolls around I’m ready for my next Cup of Joe. ~D
Teas I like lately are Tazo Zen, Stash Meyer Lemon, Stash Jasmine Green, Stash Chai, Teavana Silver Yin Zhen Pearls. It’s just based on mood which one I choose. And in-between all the coffee and tea is H2O! (With my “snake oils” to boost flavor). One of the ways I get more water into my day is taking my vitamins with it. With how many vitamins I take, it’s easy to get in a good 24 ounces at least in my day. But to get 48-60 ounces is better!
It’s important to stay hydrated, with more natural drinks. If you can’t pronounce it, I’m sure your gut won’t recognize it either!
Enjoy the summer and drink up!



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