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Diaper Cake!

I’ve always wanted to put together a diaper cake the 1st time I saw one at a baby shower. So last night was my opportunity! I’m glad that I got some help…it took 4 hours with 4 people helping. But the times of sharing silly stories and laughing uncontrollably didn’t help speed up the process either. 😉
For those of you that don’t know what a diaper cake is, it’s not edible. It’s a bunch of rolled up diapers shaped into a cake formation with ribbons and bows and all things baby. Inside the cake are the presents!
I was trying to figure out what boxes or tins I was going to use for the structure, because going to work this week threw off my timing. But I got my order from Shade Clothing in the mail last night. I had to call my apartments just minutes before closing to please please please stay open until I get there to pick up that box! (Accident on freeway tied up traffic).
So I got the box (and cute new clothes too) and headed to the store to buy a lifetime supply of rubber bands, over priced (which they strategically don’t put the price on) baby deco stuff, and mommy pamper gifts (lavender Shea butter body cream for the growing tummy, and Ghirardelli chocolates to make that belly grow).
So here’s a few pics of how it all turned out! It was a lot of fun, but now I know what not to do next time!




We ran out of cute orange ribbon so all we could find around the house was this synthetic ribbon stuff. (You know, the kind you get at x-mas time). I was getting pretty tired here. Started at about 8:30 and left my friends house at 12:20, got home at 1am!


Making the cute bows to cover the pins. (I hope she finds all the pins before changing her baby!)

Frog topper croaked. 😛

Since the frog was a little limp we gave it a car seat! Lol. That was interesting to make.
So now it’s all done and here’s the view from each angle.




The wrapping paper for the boxes said “baby” all over it and I kept getting Justin Beiber’s Baby song stuck in my head! ahhhhh! Get out get out!
It’s definitely not “professional” quality “baking”. But it was a labor of love and so much fun!!
Have a great day! ❤


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