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10 things you didn’t know about me…


I’ve been thinking of doing a “10 things you didn’t know about me” for a while. But after I saw this quote a friend of mine sent me it just sealed the deal.
I’ll just start right in because I’m tired and want to head to bed soon. πŸ™‚

10) I played violin for 8 years starting in 4th or 5th grade all the way up to Spokane Jr. Symphony. Playing in the opera house in front of a few hundred people is slightly nerve wracking! But playing in a quartet for summer camp is a close second!

(This pic was the last day I had super long hair…I had to rest for a while in the beginning of this song).

9) I make some of my own jewelry. I LOVE going into bead shops and seeing all the cool crazy designs people can make. πŸ™‚

(This was my hair after I chopped it…this was when I was a teenager…in a Seattle Pike Place bead shop)

8) I was voted most likely to be on Jerry Springer in my senior yearbook…. My friends must of thought I was pretty crazy! I was on the yearbook staff (main photographer where I developed black and whites all year long) and that was the only way I made the “most likely” list. :-p

7) I am the youngest out of my entire immediate family…it was kinda lame. I always got people in trouble with my naΓ―vety.


6) I’m totally into cars! I grew up in a family (mom excluded) that lived, slept, breathed cars. My dad restores old British cars. ’59 MGA, MGB GT, MG TD, and a few others… I was more into muscle cars (sorry dad…they go faster). My cousin was/is? a car salesman, so he would frequently let me test drive the latest and greatest. Unfortunately I was unskilled at a manual at that time. But I learned. πŸ™‚


(This is my dad’s MGA…it was a rusty frame in a farmers field when he first got it).

5) I’ve owned birds since I was 10. Started out with parakeets. My first one I taught to talk. He would say “pretty bird” and do a cat call while looking in the mirror. Soo conceited!! But he was awesome. :-] All parakeets following were not so smart but definitely had personality. Specially the one I hated…and he lived the longest just to spite me. He would SCREAM his head off until I put him back in the cage. For 5 whole years I could not hold my bird!! When I moved to Alaska I gave him to my neighbor to have and he died 4 days after I left. Maybe his little bitter heart got broken. :-(… But my peaches is the ULTIMATE coolest bird I’ve owned!


4) I’m a Drafter. I draw on AutoCad engineered drawings. The field I love is Civil, but I’ve also worked in mechanical, structural, electrical, utilities, surveying, aviation/transportation…just a little of everything. The coolest projects I got to work on were road jobs. I designed 3 roads (two took two years each), one was VERY convenient for me since it was a short cut from my work to my bible classes in AK. So all those late hours I had to work I could still make it to class in less than 5 minutes. πŸ˜‰

(I did the site plan for this building in Alaska. My first high rise!)

3) I inherited a southern accent from who knows where?!? It comes on me when I’m nervous mostly. But I’ve never stepped foot in the south before. (Hopefully one day I’ll get to go!) I have other accents that I can mimmic too like a very bad English accent and some others also know as Gibberish Mumbling… I remember one time I wasn’t even trying to do an accent and someone asked where I was from…The same city they asked me in. LOL!
I do have Swedish ancestors though… So I’m slightly foreign….like a few times removed….


2) I hate cooking… And you probably thought I loved it since most my blog posts are about food. πŸ˜‰
I used to love baking. But I’m trying to keep my girlish figure, so I try to keep away from sweets.
The reason I post all these recipes is because if you look up “gluten free” in a search engine, must of the time a dessert pops up…Hello?!? WE DO NOT SURVIVE ON SUGAR ALONE! Give me some main dish please! So this is mainly to help others who are frustrated with the lack of solid food for allergy sufferers.

(Taken at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood Alaska, a must see if you are traveling to Alaska on vacation!)

1) I barely passed high school but got a 3.9 GPA in college. I knew what I wanted to do and I went for it. Although I had to finish high school to get there. My Current World Affairs teacher gave me such a hard time because he knew I had potential but didn’t try. One day I was falling asleep in his class so he told me to stand up… Thankfully I sat in the back of the room. The German exchange student felt sooo bad for me she tried to convince me he’d let me sit down. Ha! I asked, he denied. Then I realized I could see the board standing up so I started taking notes. Mr. Bowden looked at me sideways and gave me a smirk. LOL! He was a teacher you could tell cared. Thanks Mr. Bowden wherever you are! πŸ˜€
My favorite subjects were Math and Science…naturally why I chose engineering to go into for a career. I could never do simple math though, I LOVED the long drawn out complex problems. Don’t quiz me today though…it’s been a while!
I HATED English classes! Would always fall asleep in them too, teacher didn’t care… Funny how I can write so easily though….but to speak I freeze up and am very shy. I guess writing lets me speak whats on my mind without having to worry about the reactions I’ll get? I haven’t quite figured that one out…


So there you have it. A day in the memory banks of Jeni. πŸ˜‰


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